ConfirmationOfFunds APIs

Detailed Open Banking specifications for the Confirmation Of Funds API that is available to Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) are available on the Open Banking website.

Yorkshire Building Society supports the following to enable you to create a confirmation of funds resource and check the status of the resource:

POST /funds-confirmationconsents

Create a new funds-confirmation-consent resource.

Additional Authorisations

In the event a TPP is temporarily suspended, the customer will be required to re-authorise their TPP consents after TPP re-instatement before the confirmation of funds resource can be used.

Identification - Account Number

When providing the Identification data (Sort Code and Account Number) we expect a 6 digit Sort Code (including leading zeroes) and an 8 digit Account number (including leading zeroes).

Our Account Numbers are 10 digits (Roll Number), the Account number for confirmation of fund requests will require the first 8 digits to be supplied.

The Secondary Identification data field is optional, if populated as a customer reference it must be the full Account Number (Roll Number), any other values will result in confirmation of fund requests failing validation and be rejected.


GET /funds-confirmationconsents/{ConsentId}

Retrieve the status of confirmation of funds consent resource.

DELETE /funds-confirmationconsents/{ConsentId}

Revoke an existing funds-confirmationconsent resource.

Note: PSU can revoke existing funds-confirmationconsent via ASPSP online systems and via their Contact Centre.

POST /funds-confirmations

CBPII creates a new funds-confirmation resource, and check the funds available flag in the response.