Purpose of Developer Portal / Test Interface

  1. This portal and test interface is for IT developers who wish to test the incorporation of YBS APIs into applications (Apps) they are creating in order to take advantage of financial data sharing (known as “open banking”) under new EU legislation which came into force on 13th January 2018 (the “Second Payment Services Directive” or “PSD2”).

  2. The YBSG APIs are currently available solely in a sandbox version which allows developers to test submission of dummy application data and receipt of dummy data for a limited range of sample products and YBS Group brands.

  3. YBSG is currently reviewing its plans for creation of live APIs. Additional products and brands may be added to the portal at our discretion. Before using the APIs, developers will be required to register with their national regulatory authorities as “Third Party Providers” of payment services (“TPPs”) and be certified with Open Banking.

Use of the sandbox

  1. Access to the sandbox is supported by the main internet browsers.

  2. Some incidental personal information about users will be collected during the registration process for use of the sandbox.

  3. No registration is required to view API documentation in the portal or to submit questions via the Contact Us option.

  4. We reserve the right to terminate a user’s registration for the sandbox for non-use. Developers can re-register to gain access to the sandbox at a later date.

  5. Information on the use of the sandbox can be found in the Getting Started and the FAQ sections.

  6. Communication between users and the portal support team is currently limited to e-mail. Other methods may be available once the portal is live.

  7. All account data supplied to users is currently dummy data and no reliance must be placed on it.