New APIs available 

We published the following APIs on 7th July: 

· Standing Orders 

· Confirmation of Funds for CBPII

· Confirmation of Funds for PISP

These align to Open Banking specification V3.0.

In addition, we have introduced fixes to workarounds that were in place. Please refer to the Getting Started Guide for further information.


Known Issue with YBS Live/Test Interface  - Account API
We have identified a mismatch between our Account API implementation and the Open Banking Account v3.0 specification. This means that the GetAccounts response contains an item object for the [Data>Account>Account] element.
Scenario Steps:
1. TPP has ReadAccountsDetail permission.
2. TPP APP calls Account API GetAccounts resource to retrieve accounts.

Expected Result:

TPP receives an array object for the [Data>Account>Account] element.
Actual Result:
TPP receives an item oject for the [Data>Account>Account] element. 
Route Cause:
Our current implementation does not match the Open Banking Account v3.0 specification.
We have identified a fix and plan to release this on the 17th August 2019.