3rd February Release

We're delighted to announce the following upgrades to our Open Banking APIs.


New API: Event Subscriptions v3.1

  • To support TPP’s in creating Event Notification subscriptions – POST / GET / PUT / DELETE
  • Once set up TPPs will receive real time notifications of supported events
  • At this stage we are only supporting the Consent Authorisation Revoked event
  • This event will be triggered whenever customers revoke the TPP’s authorisation via our online system
  • For further details please see our Event Subscriptions page

Updated API: Accounts v3.1

  • New Endpoint: GET/accounts/{AccountId}/parties
  • New Endpoint: GET/accounts/{AccountId}/party
  • This will allow TPP’s to get details about the account holders and/or beneficial owners including full legal name
  • This endpoint will be available to AISP and PISP
  • For further details please see our Accounts page

FAPI Compliance

  • We are now compliant with the FAPI Read and Write API Security profile, however we will continue to support the Open Banking Security Profile (v.1.1.2) in production
  • Our sandbox environment supports the new FAPI profile only
  • We encourage TPP’s who are currently using the Open Banking Security Profile to move over to FAPI. However, as per the Open Banking guidelines we will give 3 months’ notice prior to decommissioning the Open Banking Security Profile
  • As part of this release there will have also implemented a fix to the error message that is returned to a TPP should an incorrect access token be sent to us in the existing v3 and v3.1 of Identity API. Error response structure is changed as per FAPI specifications to the below;

                        { "error":"invalid_request", "error_description":"Invalid Credentials" }


Please see our Getting Started page for further details.



The current date for eIDAS implementation is scheduled for March 2020